What is Regalo Press?

Regalo Press, distributed by Simon & Schuster, unites philanthropy with the business of book publishing by making a donation to a charity of the author's choice on every deal. Regalo was launched in 2022 by publishing veteran Gretchen Young, who has acquired and edited numerous award winners and scores of New York Times bestsellers. Her eye for books that resonate with readers is crucial to developing works under the imprint's broad genre focus that includes pop-culture, biography, sports, memoir, social justice, business, female empowerment, self-help and fiction.

About the Founder and Publisher

Gretchen Young spent the last 10 years as Vice President, Executive Editor at Grand Central Publishing. Prior to that, she was at Hyperion Books, a division of the Disney/ABC Television Group, where she launched the ESPN imprint and served as the editorial director of ABC Synergy, developing projects for a variety of divisions within the global company. Young holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s in Spanish language and literature from the University of Chicago. She began her career at "Good Morning America" working as an Associate Producer before beginning her career in publishing.

Says Young, "It is our aim to inspire others to give by showing that it can be integrated into the way any industry functions, and to propel our operations toward this end without ever sacrificing the quality of what we publish. Our guiding principle is that the only thing better than creating a great book is harnessing that greatness in the service of others."

In the Industry

Young has had the privilege of editing books by an array of authors, including Caroline Kennedy, Pulitzer prize winning writer Oscar Hijuelos, theater giant Kenny Leon, civil rights leader John Lewis, natural historian Sir David Attenborough, poet and essayist Elizabeth Alexander, human rights activist John Prendergast, comedians George Carlin, Mike Birbiglia, Amber Ruffin and Cheech Marin, athletes Tiger Woods, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Joe Torre and Walt Frazier, business and thought leaders Eric Schmidt, Shellye Archambeau, and Cal Newport, and award-winning television journalists Robin Roberts, Willie Geist, Elizabeth Vargas, and Nancy Grace. She has published #1 New York Times bestsellers, including Dear Madam President by Jennifer Palmieri, Indeh by Ethan Hawke and Greg Ruth, Jaqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F Kennedy, and Heat Wave by Richard Castle. Additionally, her books and authors have garnered a Grammy, an Edgar Award, a #1 IndieNext Pick, a Goodreads Choice award, an NAACP Image award, and two TIME 100 honors.

What we have achieved so far

Regalo Press has acquired a breadth of nonfiction and fiction titles—43 projects and counting.

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Our Books

We hope you enjoy these books, and that you will take the time to learn about the wonderful charities our authors have chosen!

Goodbye Hello

Adam Berry

September 26, 2023

Goodbye Hello: Processing Grief and Understanding Death Through the Paranormal by paranormal investigator and host of Kindred Spirits Adam Berry blends supernatural and psychological research to explore the paranormal and afterlife to try and help answer big questions about the end. Charitable donations will be made to The Lily House.

Climbing the Rough Side of the Mountain

Norman Hill and Velma Murphy Hill

October 17, 2023

Climbing the Rough Side of the Mountain by labor and civil rights activists and president emeritus of the A. Philip Randolph Institute for racial equality and economic justice Norman Hill and Velma Murphy Hill—a husband-and-wife memoir that chronicles six decades of the couple's public and private life in the civil rights and trade union movements, as activists and later as leaders, offering an intimate journey from Chicago's Rainbow Beach to Selma and South Africa. Charitable donations will be made to the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.

Beautiful Monster

Miles Borrero

October 24, 2023

Beautiful Monster by Miles Borrero is a breathtaking memoir of a trans person's misadventures in breaking the bind of gender—across generations, cultures, and borders—and transcending the death of his former self. Charitable donations will be made to bklyn boihood.

Obvious in Hindsight

Bradley Tusk

November 28, 2023

Obvious in Hindsight—a satire about the strange, fruitful, and dangerous relationship between tech and politics—centers on a team of top political strategists and their unbelievable efforts to help a startup become the first to launch a flying car. Written by Bradley Tusk, a venture capitalist, political strategist, philanthropist, writer, and co-founder of the Gotham Book Prize, this entertaining read also unearths the inner workings of the political machine and shows what actually motivates virtually every decision by every politician, everywhere. Charitable donations will be made to Common Table at St. George's Episcopal Church.

In the Realm of Ash and Sorrow

Kenneth W. Harmon

January 16, 2024

In the Realm of Ash and Sorrow—a gorgeous and haunting World War II novel about an American bombardier downed over Japan whose spirit remains trapped as a yūrei ghost and falls in love with a Japanese war widow. In a place where dreams are real, and destruction is imminent, a tale about love in its most extraordinary forms unfolds. Harmon's charity of choice is Hiroshima for Global Peace.

Little Avalanches

Becky Ellis

March 12, 2024

Little Avalanches by publishing veteran and writing teacher Becky Ellis is a gorgeously written, heart punch and heart healer of a memoir that explores intergenerational trauma. Written in an unconventional three-part and three-voice structure, Little Avalanches tackles what happens when the decorated war hero comes home to raise a family. Chariable donations will be made to disabled veterans.

It Could Be Worse

Dara Levan

March 12, 2024

Mired in self-doubt and blind loyalty, Allegra Gil suspects her charmed life may be a gilded cage. She has a devoted husband, two loving children, a thriving therapy practice, and lifelong friends. But when a surprising discovery in a piano bench reveals a shocking family secret, Allegra questions everything she thought she knew about the people who raised her. A stunning debut novel from podcaster and former pediatric speech pathologist Dara Levan, It Could Be Worse is a heartwarming, at times heart-wrenching, multigenerational story of a woman supported and embraced by many while shaken to the core by a few.

The Setback Cycle

Amy Shoenthal

March 19, 2024

The Setback Cycle by powerhouse ForbesWomen writer Amy Shoenthal is the ultimate solution to turning a personal, professional, or societal setback into a comeback. Inspired by years of interviews with leaders like Robin Arzón, Stacy London, and Norma Kamali, Amy found a commonality shared by almost everyone: the pinnacle of their journeys all started with a setback. Featuring research and interviews with neuroscientists, psychologists, executive coaches and renowned authors, The Setback Cycle combines engaging storytelling with actionable takeaways to show readers how to come to terms with their setback, figure out the path forward, and hit the ground running. Charitable donations will be made to She's the First.


Greg Wrenn

March 26, 2024

Greg Wrenn's Mothership: A Memoir of Wonder and Crisis is a deeply researched account of how he turned to endangered coral reefs and psychedelic plants to recover from complex PTSD when traditional therapies did little to help. As he heals from trauma in nature, Greg awakens to the need for us to heal the planet as well. A PADI Advanced Nitrox scuba diver and former Stegner Fellow at Stanford University, he is an associate professor of English at James Madison University. Charitable donations will be made to the Southern Environmental Law Center.

American Doom Loop

Dale Maharidge

April 16, 2024

American Doom Loop by Pulitzer Prize Winner Dale Maharidge posits how the seemingly disparate, but connected, news stories he reported on in the 1980s—cops, homicides, serial killers, White nationalists, guns, war, and its aftermath—paved the way for 2020s America.

Morning Pages

Kate Feiffer

May 7, 2024

Morning Pages by author and artist Kate Feiffer, a coming-of-age story about a struggling playwright who unexpectedly receives a generous commission to write a new play. Under pressure to finish, she starts writing a few pages of stream-of-consciousness scribblings first thing every morning—a technique popularized by Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. Told through these scribblings and marked-up scenes from the new play, Morning Pages is a relatable, moving and humorous exploration of the creative process from the perspective of a woman in the "sandwich generation." Charitable donations will be made to Alzheimer's Association.

The Accidental Joe

Tom Straw

May 14, 2024

The Accidental Joe launches a new riveting mystery series by Tom Straw, the 7-time New York Times bestselling author behind the Richard Castle crime novels and TV writer and producer of many shows including Night Court, Grace Under Fire, and Nurse Jackie. Straw has chosen the World Central Kitchen charity.

The Bomb Doctor

Kirk Yeager and Selene Yeager

May 21, 2024

The Bomb Doctor by chief explosives scientist at the FBI Kirk Yeager and Selene Yeager—about how Kirk, one of only a handful of elite scientists in the world who do this work, leads his forensics team into horrific crime scenes of mass destruction on the trail of those who have tried to shatter our sense of security by blowing it to bits; at these scenes, he and his team patiently and meticulously put the charred pieces back together to identify the culprits, and restore some peace to our worried minds. The Yeagers have chosen the EOD Warrior Foundation as their charity.

The Circle Broken

Dorothy Carvello

May 28, 2024

A new novel from Anything for a Hit author Dorothy Carvello, The Circle Broken is a bold, sexy, true-to-life tale of what really happens inside the country music business. Cee Cee Porter came to Nashville as a young woman with a handful of love songs she’d written for her husband, Bucky, and a dream of joining the ranks of country music queens. Now their marriage her falling apart. This fast-paced, true-to-life story is a dramatic exploration of the psychology of money and power, illuminating the struggle of women trying to rise in a male-dominated world. Most importantly, it is a story about identity and about how trauma is passed from generation to generation, like a song no one can stop singing. Charitable donations will be made to the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Broken Fortune

Aly Mennuti

July 16, 2024

Broken Fortune—An entertaining and witty family drama about the power struggle for a family fortune that ensues following the death of its matriarch, who was the only glue that held the rickety structure of the squabbling siblings and their father together. At the matriarch's dying request, the family reunites in St. John's where hidden secrets and quiet betrayals begin to ripple and crash like the ocean surrounding the sinking family. Charitable Donations will be made to Change the Ref.

The Cheesemaker's Daughter

Kristin Vukovic

August 6, 2024

National Federation of Croatian Americans Cultural Foundation 40 Under 40 honoree and Columbia University MFA graduate Kristin Vukovic's The Cheesemaker's Daughter: A Novel tells the story of a 34-year-old New Yorker and Yugoslav refugee who, after being summoned back to her beautiful Croatian island to save her father's struggling cheese factory, must confront her rocky past and heal herself in the wake of a fracturing marriage. Charitable donations will be made to the Croatian Scholarship Fund.

Suspended by No String

Peter Himmelman

August 13, 2024

Echoing the lyricism of Leonard Cohen and the uplifting messages of Anne Lamott, Suspended by No String is a thought-provoking collection of spiritual reflections that will inspire readers to reclaim their childlike sense of wonder. This book is for readers of all spiritual stripes—those who are devout, those who aren’t sure what to believe, and those who may not be religious in the traditional sense but who nevertheless want to view the world as something other than a place of randomness and build a relationship with a force infinitely beyond themselves.

All the Presidents' Money

Megan Gorman

September 17, 2024

All the Presidents’ Money uncovers the fascinating untold history of how the men who governed America managed their money. Written by tax attorney, law professor and wealth manager Megan Gorman, this book reveals the events, decisions, and key personal attributes that impacted the personal finances of our nation’s greatest leaders.

The Child Catcher

Andrew Bridge

September 24, 2024

The Child Catcher the long-awaited follow-up to the New York Times bestselling memoir Hope's Boy, by Andrew Bridge is the David vs. Goliath story chronicling Bridge's first case litigating against the conditions in Alabama's state-run mental institutions—much like the institution he spent nearly a year in as a child before entering foster care. A charitable donation will be made to Bridge's selected charity: The CASA Association.

Queen Bess

Maria Vetrano

October 15, 2024

In Queen Bess: A Tudor Comes to Save America, Dakota Wynfred will stop at nothing to prevent the reelection of the vile US president, Robert Vlakas, who wants to nationalize her cybersecurity company and simultaneously set fire to the Constitution. And that includes finding a champion who can defeat him in the 2028 presidential election. It won’t be easy because Dakota’s champion of choice—though brilliant, politically savvy, charming, and tough enough to survive multiple assassination attempts—happens to have been dead for over 400 years. So, what if Queen Elizabeth I has never heard of electricity, Netflix, or Uber? Dakota’s team of experts travel back in time to try to convince Elizabeth to leap more than four centuries into the future to embark on a quest to become the greatest woman ruler in history…again. Charitable donations will be made to Silent Spring Institute.

The Distractions

Liza Monroy

January 14, 2025

A new speculative fiction piece from Liza Monroy, author of Mexican High and The Marriage Act with an MFA from Columbia University, The Distractions is an AI story in which the truth is distorted and you can trust no one—not even yourself. Solitary tech worker Mischa Osborn is mourning the shelving of her passion project—an artificial intelligence algorithm capable of love—when a chance encounter with a social media celebrity leads her spiraling into an all-consuming obsession. Simultaneously, someone—or something—is watching, possibly even controlling, her.

You Are the Boss of You

Shauna Brittenham Reiter

February 4, 2025

From the founder of the multi-million-dollar wellness company Alaya Naturals comes You Are the Boss of You, the A-Z guide for living an empowered, purpose-driven life inspired by your most authentic self. Titanic in scope but masterfully nuanced, this book offers powerful tools to redefine your life and teach you what your parents never did. With compassion, you will learn to embrace your imperfections, work toward your vision for the future, and tune into your inner knowing along the way. This book is not just a guidebook for healing; it’s the blueprint for abundance. There is no greater calling than to be the most authentic and inspired version of yourself—starting now..

I Knew a Man Who Knew Brahms

Nancy Shear

February 11, 2025

Nancy Shear's I Knew a Man Who Knew Brahms is a behind-the-scenes account of a top symphony orchestra in the second half of the 20th century—a golden age of classical music—based on the author's close personal and professional relationships with Leopold Stokowski, Mstislav Rostropovich, Eugene Ormandy, and the Philadelphia Orchestra.


Skye Jackson

Spring, 2025

Poet, essayist, and New Orleans native Skye Jackson's LIBRE: a dazzling debut poetry collection exploring the tenuous connections of familial and romantic relationships as well as navigating complex racial concerns and tumultuous societal changes as a young Black woman in America.

For the Love of Dog

Maggie Marton

February 25, 2025

For the Love of Dog celebrates the epic love story between humans and dogs–through the lens of award-winning, media-published pet writer and blogger, Maggie Marton, and her three dogs. It’s a story that took tens of thousands of years to unfold as wild strands of wolf DNA, feral and free, unraveled, rearranged, and wound into new shapes: from mighty hunters with long, sharp faces and keen instincts to pudgy couch-surfers with rubber doggy booties to keep their paws dry in winter. Part memoir, part science, and combining the latest research on dog behavior and canine cognition with heartwarming stories of the author’s own remarkable dogs, this book deepens the understanding of the unique bond between humans and their dogs.


Daniel Tam-Claiborne

Spring, 2025

NEA Fellow, finalist for the 2023 PEN/Bellwether Prize for Socially Engaged Fiction, and Fulbright grantee Daniel Tam-Claiborne's debut novel Transplants follows two young women in pursuit of kinship and belonging. After a stunning betrayal and the onset of the pandemic, Lin and Liz become exiles caught between modern-day China and an increasingly fractured United States, and are forced to survive in a world that doesn't know where either of them belongs.

What I Learned From Mom

April 22, 2025

edited by Jeffrey Dunn and Sherrie Westin

What I Learned From Mom is a beautiful collection of inspiring, intimate and moving essays by a diverse group of entertainers, entrepreneurs, athletes and scholars including Téa Leoni, Hoda Kotb, Susan Wojcicki and Darren Walker. Edited by Sesame Workshop former CEO Jeffrey Dunn and current Sesame Workshop president Sherrie Westin, who collectively have decades of leadership at Sesame Workshop, these essays show how the lessons and wisdom motherly figures teach their children in their earliest years are giant building blocks of lifelong learning that directly shape our lives. In addition to Regalo’s contribution, the authors are donating 50% of the proceeds to Sesame Workshop.

Planet Rory

Timothy M. Gay

Planet Rory is a biography of four-time major champion Rory McIlroy that takes you behind the life and career of one of golf's most compelling and charismatic icons by award-winning author Timothy M. Gay.

Surfer Stories

edited by Claudia Lebenthal

Surfer Stories edited by Claudia Lebenthal, the founder and editor of STYLE of SPORT and co-author of the award-winning Stoked, is an indispensable collection of unique, revealing, and intimate stories of the world's greatest surfing pioneers and legends written by notable writers, celebrities, and filmmakers who love to surf themselves. Charitable donations for this title will be made to Surfrider.

A Writing Marriage

Lori Carlson Hijuelos


A Writing Marriage is a unique cross-genre work that combines Lori Carlson Hijuelos’s memoir of her life, writing and marriage with passages of her late husband, the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, Oscar Hijuelos’s unfinished novel, Blue Antiquity, about a man who is unearthing the past through the lens of archeological digs. These intersecting real world and fictional explorations of love, art and faith illustrate who they were as writers and individuals and as a couple.